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How Indian Media is A Joke

DRAGGING Tell what extent the Indian media is going to drag the topic of Reha. Does India has no flaws in it. Does India has no worries regarding the Homeless, Jobless people who are Indian. I just don't understand the tonality and the totality of the Indian Government. Sushant Died on the 14th of June 2020. And the media is showing that he literally died yesterday. Well yes, he attempts suicide which is really sad and unbelievably horrifying a young lad who was so talented and he has a dynamic personality which is really unexpected he chose to dye. This is shocking for every India and ever parent.  And it is fairly important to dig deeper into this case and find out what happened does someone provoke his to do it and why did he do this because it is literally unexpected from some jolly personality who is really ambitious.  But this doesn't mean whenever we switch on the TELLI we want to know how far has Sushant case goon what is the police doing with his so-called girlfriend n
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Google Pictures WHAT IS HUMAN NATURE When we talk about human nature it goes really wast and dense because on this earth everything is related about humans and only humans and I am quite surprised due to admit this due to my past experience and personal experience. we humans are so much self-centred and selfish that we only and only think about yourself partially either we are happy sad or angry. Well, we can say the easiest and the most difficult thing on this earth is to read human nature or to product human nature some times human fails and sometimes it passes but the majority of the things which we came up with on this blog is mostly my personal experience how I have seen the life and the human nature. Before we go any further this is a small gift to all my readers we all want to healthy physically and malty so hear is this amazing guy with amazing ideas and he gives really entertaining updates time to time which we all need to know so please follow health


It's always exciting to see a positive change in the whole living world. Here we are going to discuss those positivities which one can only imagine but trust me this is going to happen and will be so amazing for all of us. Google Pictures THE POSITIVE CHANGE Well as we all are very well aware of how the world has become digitalized. About this digitalization, our grandparents might have not thought that such a thing will come and the advancement will go at this level. They might have not oven taught of mobile phones to existing forget about platforms like Facebook or Twitter. But look at us today life is (I will not say incomplete) life is nothing without mobile phones. Literally, imagen waking up without the internet or mobile phones. I can't even imagen that to be honest. But we will feel incomplete without it. Because it has become part of our lives we can't live without it we are so into this technology. In this situation, we should think really positi


Goole Pictures LETS TALK ABOUT SOMETHING WHICH IS MORE THEN IMPORTANT When we as Indians imagen our ways how does the world look I think we just think democracy scandals and many more things but let me tell you that we are the most depressed country in the world? I don't know how many of you really know that but when I came to know it was really revolutionary for me because 36% of Indians are depressed at some point in their lives. Another statistic before I go further into it 371 Indian kills themself every day that is approximately more than one lakhs thirty fore thousands of people kill themselves every year in India. And yet the irony is we continue to see depression and mental health issues some sort of self-indulgence some of the problems of Rich and Famous as not really where the priority of science and medicine should be. Google Pictures WHY PEOPLE DON'T TALK ABOUT MENTAL ILLNESS  Google Pictures There is no shame this is really normal,  If we


 THE CHANGING WORLD  It feels like as every second passes everything gets to change it's just like everything feels like it was just a thought we were dreaming and time just flew away. We don't even realize how fast the world is moving, and how soon we are going whether we are busy at work or at home or we are on holiday without family. We can't even realize how quickly the time is going and the world is changing every single second. We do not even realize that because we all are super busy. Google Pictures In this speedy world where we are so engaged in our life and the problem which seems to pile up every single day and sometimes so overthink about those problems but sometimes we give a pass. Still, most of the time due to human nature, we end up thinking to allot which testers our whole routine until unless we talk or fix it. Google Pictures Except for our human nature, everything around us is changing. And this change is for sure changing us in every po


MELANCHOLY  This is an ugly situation where I believe there is no humanity where should innocent go, will there be another planet for them wait why should righteous go or level we should make this credulity go for these people who don't have humanity. My heart is massive, and still, I can't stop picturing my self of that innocent man, or I should say an Innocent Black man no busy in this universe has right to treated som one like this weather he is a criminal, but I believe that guy was innocent. I went in deep thought when I saw that cruel police person definitely he is not a man, a man can not do such a thing how come that person has forced his knee on that poor guy and pressurized his knee oh my god where is humanity. Humanity is dead or killed by people I really don't understand. WHERE IS HUMANITY  This is the level of insanity. I would say how can people even think to do such an act do they don't realize that we are also a human being. Still,